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I've been pretty busy engineering and producing:

I recently began mixing material for trumpeter Barry Danielian's upcoming release. His arrangements are simply stunning — an amazing blend of styles, with elements of smooth urban funk, Jazz orchestra, and more.

That's Right! — IDK, the infamous NJ punk powerhouse is back. Bandleader Red finished up final overdubs on peviously unreleased material that I recorded and mixed. And there's another on the way, folks!!
What's The Deal?, All Torn Up (He's A Cheater)

Water Street Music has resurrected the recordings of ATB, otherwise known as The All Terrain Band, engineered by band member Chris Amelar. I just re-mastered this project for Water Street, so keep a close eye on their website for its availability.
In The Mood, Strangled By The Apple

Jazz trumpeter and composer Rob Henke's newest solo contribution features jazz vocalist Grady Stone and a world-class horn section. I recorded this one a while back, but mixes are soon to be completed.

I recorded and mixed more music for the audio/visual creations of 4fiveVI. These artists work in a multitude of musical styles and techniques, both composed and improvised, and combine this all live with classic silent films.
Trifles With Time, One Week

For a little change of pace, I went on the road a bit during 2007 and into 2008: I did some live Front-of-House mixing for my friend Neil Berg. I took a few legs of the 2007-2008 and previous season mixing his show Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway. The tour covered nearly 200 cities all across the U.S., in sold-out venues ranging from about 450 seats to over 2800 seats, featuring five of Broadway's finest vocal stars!
(...but I'm back...)

I was excited to do some long late-night sessions to meet the deadline for the December 2007 release of the Alvin and the Chipmunks film, distributed by 20th Century Fox, and the accompanying video game, in which the Munks sing popular tunes by the likes of Blink-182, Run-D.M.C, and Elvis Presley.

Nicki Denner has re-released her El Medico De Coquí CD. It features the legendary Julian Llanos, who sadly passed on April 25th, 2008, just after the re-release. I had mixed this a while back, but recently remastered it for the Consilience Productions label.
Por Eso No Debes, La Negra Tomasa

I recorded a thrilling collaborative trio effort called Tricycle, with band members Rolf Sturm, Rob Henke, and Jody Espina, which will be available in later 2008.
Dream Milonga, Loverman

Jazz drummer Pete MacDonald brought me in on a new project to mix some organ jazz for his very first release as leader. Very swingin' stuff!
Played Twice, I Wanna Be Happy

I was asked to mix material for a 2007 EP called Miles Away, by Michael Cavanaugh, celebrated star of the hit Billy Joel Broadway musical Movin' Out.

Andy Rothstein's latest venture was also released earlier in 2007. I recorded and mixed this one, and also got to play some B3 organ on it, too. (That was fun!)
Absynthe, Brain Power

I recorded, mixed, and mastered Vinson Valega's sextet release Awake. The band's CD debut performance at The Blue Note in NYC was well attended.
(read the Press Release)
Luftmenschen, Sputnik

Nicki Denner's Latin Jazz release Moliendo Café was very well received. I was delighted to record, mix, and master this for Nicki.
Juan Pachanga, Maria Cervantes

The New Hope Collective's wonderful debut release has been doing well. It features Jim Stagnito (horn), Kevin Lutke (guitar), Dave Richards (bass), and Pete MacDonald (drums).
Wichita Lineman, Oleo

I got to play a bit of synth and percussion before I mixed guitarist Ken Sebesky's release Hero's Highway.
5'6", Breakthrough

Tony Senatore's debut release Holyland, which I recorded and mixed, and also co-produced with Tony, has been getting great reviews. I played percussion on this release along side of the great Manolo Badrena.
Life And Times , Money Dulls The Pain

I recorded and mixed a live-to-video performance by the Walter Thompson Orchestra. This amazing long-form piece, which incorporated musicians, dancers, and actors, was shot in one straight through pass with no breaks. Even the set up changes between movements were captured in this large multi-camera shoot, where you'll see me and the assistants in action! Take a look at these YouTube clips.
PEXO Excerpt 1, PEXO Excerpt 2


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