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Please take a moment to visit the sites of some of the artists
and organizations I have had the pleasure of working with:


Alto Music
Bennett Studios
Niel Berg
Michael Cavanaugh
Barry Danielian
Nicki Denner
Katelin Faith
Graham Hawthorne
Rob Henke
Amanda Homi
John Isley
Steve Jankowski
Jerry Lembo Entertainment Group
Jody Jazz
Long Island Drum Center of Nyack
Marion Recording
The New Hope Collective
The New York Horns
Riverside Wine Merchants
Rothstein Custom Guitars
Ken Sebesky
Gil Selinger
Tony Senatore
Andy Snitzer
Hans Sturm
Rolf Sturm
Surrey Lane
Walter Thompson Orchestra
William Paterson University Music Dept.
Tony Trishka
Vinson Valega

Many thanx to my life-savers…

Dr. Brett S. Carver
…and the doctors and staff at…
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center



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