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Frank D. Fagnano, LLC is now offering Studio Design Consulting Services to select clients, providing initial planning through completion, for project studios to commercial facilities.

Frank D. Fagnano will oversee all aspects of your new room, upgrade, or retrofit project.
Frank D. Fagnano, LLC provides:
•Planning and budgeting
•Wiring design and documentation (the book)
•Task analysis and ergonomic layout
•Macintosh digital audio workstation and software installation
•Computer networking and systems integration
•Equipment selection and installation

We will assess acoustic, electrical, construction, and air conditioning requirements, and will coordinate a network of contractors needed to complete the job.
We also facilitate access to a variety of creative services for your studio's promotional
and advertising campaign.
Here are some examples of his work:

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus- photo
website: http://jlsc.com/bus

Marion Recording- photo
website: www.marionstudio.com

Kathie Lee Gifford's Lambchop Studios- photo
website: www.onthelambrecords.com

Contact Frank for a studio design consultation.


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